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Think, live, dare…taste! 

Visiting the winery is undoubtfully  the best way to know and live a unique experience at Zymè surrounded by a full atmosphere between past and future.

To fully satisfy and excite you visits include the tasting of a rich selection of Dop and Igp wines. Reservation is required to let you live here the best experience possible.

Our tours:

  • Guided visit with winetasting from Monday to Friday
  • Guided visit with winetasting on Saturday

Each tasting is including the following wines*:

  1. From Black to White IGP Bianco Veneto (white wine)
  2. Valpolicella DOP Reverie
  3. Valpolicella Classico Superiore DOP
  4. 602020 Cabernet IGP Rosso Veneto
  5. Oseleta IGP Rosso Veronese
  6. Kairos IGP Rosso Veneto
  7. Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG
  8. Tranaltri IGP Passito Bianco (sweet white wine)

*some of the wines on taste may change upon availability

To get more information or to book your visit you can write a mail to, telephone +39/045 7701108  or fill the form here below.

ATTENTION PLEASE! Reservations are definitely confirmed only at our reply

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Why Zýmē

The name Zýmē, from Greek, means “yeast.” Yeast is, of course, an indispensible element in the world of oenology, but it also bears a symbolic meaning, since it conjures up the concept of naturalness, a fundamental value in Celestino Gaspari’s professional and existential journey, as well as the process of fermenting, understood as a continuous striving towards transformation.In harmony with that philosophy, the winery logo represents a grapevine leaf in which is centred a pentagon, symbol of the five basic elements that combine to yield wine: man-vine-earth-sun-water. Find out more...