Monday February 26, Milan: “SIMPLY THE BEST” by Civiltà del Bere

The “Leonardo da Vinci” National Science Museum will host the second edition of  “Simply the Best”, the event created by “Civiltà del bere” wine magazine collecting over 50 of the best awarded wineries.

See you with Celestino Gaspari and the 3 wines selected expressing all our  “ricerca dell’autoctono”: From Black to White, Amarone Classico and Harlequin.



Why Zýmē

The name Zýmē, from Greek, means “yeast.” Yeast is, of course, an indispensible element in the world of oenology, but it also bears a symbolic meaning, since it conjures up the concept of naturalness, a fundamental value in Celestino Gaspari’s professional and existential journey, as well as the process of fermenting, understood as a continuous striving towards transformation.In harmony with that philosophy, the winery logo represents a grapevine leaf in which is centred a pentagon, symbol of the five basic elements that combine to yield wine: man-vine-earth-sun-water. Find out more...