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Guided tours and tastings are available only by previous reservation, from Monday through Saturday, at: 10.00 am, 2.00 and 4.00 pm.

In case of more requests for the same tour, visitors will be gathered together into 1 group of maximum 12 people. It is also possible to ask for exclusive tours only upon availability and Saturdays excluded.

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Both alchemist’s cave and hi-tech laboratory, Zýmē’s new wine cellar is a unique place, where ancient expertise blends with new-found knowledge in a continuous striving for ever-higher levels of quality.

A visit to the new cellar is a 360o experience, one that can involve all one’s senses, plus one’s imagination, that which the ancients called the sixth sense, an added level of value.

 The guided tour begins with the new cellar via a passageway of greyish brown, which recalls and reinforces the concept of stone and earth. From the reception, including the wine shop, the visitors are brought into the underground ageing cellar where a full view of the metal-enveloped stairway-lift is protagonist. From the bottaia (large cask storage) with its wall of cut rock segments, including a natural karstic cavern discovered during the excavations, one comes face to face with the dualism of the raw rock left in its pristine state in the wall and that worked sapiently by man to fashion the wine library, the winery’s historical archive containing some 12,000 bottles stacked in pentagon-shaped stone alcoves, organic representations of stylised grape clusters.

The tour then steps onto a suspended passageway, which affords a view over the storage of the in-process wines, and on a ramp, of red, an architectural suggestion of the idea of flux and flow passing by the processing cellar.

It ends finally into the ancient quarry where our wines today age in oak barrels and barriques.

Visitors thus enter the world of Zýmē and become participants in a project that is not simply a production process but an existential one as well, embodied by an itinerary that begins with admiration of the distinctive architecture of the cellar then passes through the history of the wines and of the winery, culminating with the tasting of the wines, which enables one to savour the twin souls of the winery: the classic soul, offering the wines that have made this corner of earth famous across the globe and the innovative soul, that gifts the wines that are the fruit of Celestino Gaspari’s research and experimentation.

Why Zýmē

The name Zýmē, from Greek, means “yeast.” Yeast is, of course, an indispensible element in the world of oenology, but it also bears a symbolic meaning, since it conjures up the concept of naturalness, a fundamental value in Celestino Gaspari’s professional and existential journey, as well as the process of fermenting, understood as a continuous striving towards transformation.In harmony with that philosophy, the winery logo represents a grapevine leaf in which is centred a pentagon, symbol of the five basic elements that combine to yield wine: man-vine-earth-sun-water. Find out more...